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June 29, 2018 (Now technically June 30)

Before returning to work today I stopped in to check on my lil fighter! He’s doing a lot better today than yesterday, which is a good sign for his recovery!

He’s not quite able to eat or drink on his own yet, but with mixing wet food with water and putting it in a syringe and putting it to his mouth, he’s willing to eat! I was very happy to see his willingness to eat through a syringe, and how easy it was for him to take his meds. I was also giving him head and chin rubs and he was purring for me which made me incredibly happy. As soon as I stopped giving him attention he started meowing, and would instantly stop when I started back again.

The vet wanted me to take him home today – although I planned on him staying over the weekend. I was so close to getting my lil buddy back home but they checked him and he had a fever so I won’t have him back until the morning.

I bought a small 24-in crate today, smaller than I had planned but all of the pet stores were closed by the time I got off so I had to work with my options.

Here’s the set up I have for him so far:

The vet said that he was sitting up a little today! Even though he was propped up against the cage door, that’s still a positive sign to me. Since he can’t get up and move around on his own yet, I purchased some puppy pads to make clean-up a little easier.

He hasn’t been eating any solids yet, but with the mushy food I’ll be feeding him I’m expecting a mess so I bought sensitive baby wipes to prepare for it!

Once he starts mobilizing himself a little more, I bought small aluminum baking trays to try and use as a litterbox. I also purchased a bunch of canned food for him, all varieties of seafood flavors – one person recommended the smellier, the better. I got milk replacement and a bottle for him to help give him some nutrients and maybe restore his health.

And of course, the softest blanket I could find!

It’s going to be a long journey during his recovery but I’m trying my best to prepare for it! I have to feed him his mush about every hour, and I’ll probably try to syringe some water to him as well.

He also has several vet visits planned for the upcoming week, but I’m excited to finally be able to take care of him on my own.

It’s a miracle Clyde is alive, and I’m going to cherish every second I have with him. He’s always been the sweetest cat and after everything he’s been through he’s remained the same.

So blessed that my fur baby beat the odds and is getting stronger with every day!

Until tomorrow,

Just Amb

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5 Comments to “Preparing for Lt.Dan’s Return Home!”

  1. benny55 says:

    Hearing Lt Dan purr had to be the best sound evvvver!😁
    The fact that he so willingly took to the syringe feeding realky shows his strong will and determination to get better!

    And YOU jave a wonderful attitude! I love how you celebrate each little improvement and recognize what a victory they each are!

    You’ve made great preparations for his homecoming. I know you want to get him home, but I think another night at the Vet’s is a good idea. You get some rest too, okay?

    Cheering for Lt Dan!😁

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  2. Purrkins says:

    I know it is disappointing Clyde could not come home please remember he is where he needs to be, and hopefully, the fever broke, and today he gets to come home. If not know he will when the time is right. Have your emergency contact for this weekend if he does come home just as a precaution.

    Great job on the preparations and all the food. The Vet should also sell Hills AD food which it easy to syringe and excellent recovery food. Not sure if that is what they are using at the vet or not. You have the milk replacement that would be great instead of water it should be thicker you add water to that and syringing liquids you have to be careful not to aspirate him. Which means getting fluids in his lungs. If this is your first time doing this and even if it’s not. It is easy to aspirate, so go very slow and allow Clyde to swallow I go at the side of the mouth don’t directly shoot in his mouth if that makes sense here is a video link

    You are as prepared as you can be and I think it is great he was propped up already. Purrkins was not up in the hospital at all ok 3 days he was not up and Clyde is that is HUGE he has a lot going on so yes he is a fighter & is going to fight this. Purrkins was so distraught in, and they kept him too long, but he was in the best care.

    I would ask if they are icing his wounds usually you ice for 3 days then do heat the hospital iced Purrkins and our instructions were for heat

    Another great thing to have on hand is baby food Gerbers meat and gravy types only. Turkey and Gravy, Chicken and Gravy cats love it, and Clyde might lap it right up our cats love it. High in calories too not balanced but great for recovery.

    Take our word on this get some rest ok. When Clyde does come home, please rest when he does. You will need it. We can assure you of this. We are watching for your updates, keep up the great attitude ok? You got this !

    More chin scratches to Clyde today, please!
    Holly & Purrkins❤️

  3. Codie Rae says:

    OMD Amber, I just teared up reading your post! Your love for Lt. Dan just shines through in every word you wrote. It looks like you are well prepared for his return home and are not afraid of the hard work it will take to help him get back on his feet. You are gonna make one awesome Tripawd Mom!
    Martha, Codie Rae, and the Oaktown Pack

  4. dougo1 says:

    Love to hear about the purring . You are doing a FANTASTOC job for your lil” fur baby!!

    Here’s to a speedy recovery!

  5. jerry says:

    You are all set, no doubt that he will feel spoiled and loved when he comes home. We can’t wait for the news!

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